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Flash/Pulse a Border Color With jQuery

Sometimes you want to draw a user’s attention to a certain input or element. One way to do that is to flash or pulse the element. But when you google this, most examples involve flashing the whole background, such as with jQuery UI’s highlight effect. But if you’re like me—as I definitely am— you might think that is a little much. Or maybe it just doesn’t fit well with your design. Here’s how to do it without extra … Keep reading »

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Portal Test Chamber Poster (download)

One of my daughter’s friends came over, and upon seeing my home office said, “Whoa! Your dad has a secret lab!” Well, the name stuck. It’s a Secret Lab now. But I felt like it needed a sign. Few things say “secret lab” to me better than Aperture Science, and since a lot of my work involves testing, I put together a 24″x36″ Testing Chamber poster to frame outside the entrance.

Want one of your own? Here’s … Keep reading »

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Localize an SQL date using Javascript

So you have a date from your database and it looks like this: 2014-01-31 01:02:03. It so happens that your server is on UTC time. You want to:

Format the date into something prettier, and
Offset the date so it’s adjusted for a user’s local time zone.

Ok, great. You only have to SUFFER THE PAIN OF A THOUSAND MIGRAINES AND oh wait it’s actually sort of easy. But man, this took a lot of pain and searching to find. The … Keep reading »

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Ever met a chronic insomniac?

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Back when lecture made sense…

The full quote comes from Sebastian Thrun, the tenured Stanford Professor who left in order to begin exploring new teaching methods online.

During the era when universities were born, “the lecture was the most effective way to convey information. We had the industrialization, we had the invention of celluloid, of digital media, and, miraculously, professors today teach exactly the same way they taught a thousand years ago.”

You can find … Keep reading »

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Anyone else have this problem?

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Threw this together on Thanksgiving. Because it’s true.

Feel free to take and use. (Click for bigger version.)

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Productivity Technique: The Obsessive Calendar

So, among other productivity methods I’ve been trying this month, I also tried the Hipster PDA method, where essentially you use a small stack of index cards with a big clip to keep track of what you need to get done. (Optionally also with the Getting Things Done and 43 Folders philosophies.)

Most people react to this by saying something like, “Seriously? Index cards.” Yes, seriously. You … Keep reading »

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The Pomodoro Technique: A Review

It’s been a month since I busted out with the Pomodoro Technique in a productivity boosting experiment. While I think it has improved thing somewhat, there are still some areas I find it a little lacking.

A quick overview in the (quite possible) event you haven’t heard of it. Basically, you:

Choose a task to be accomplished
Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)
Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your task list. … Keep reading »

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German Warm Potato Salad

You’ve probably noticed it’s German/Austrian cooking week here at AwesomeToast. It’s my favorite cuisine, and definetly my favorite to cook. Another favorite recipe of mine is German potato salad. It’s very different from American potato salad, with a sweet vinegar type glaze and is typically served warm. Here’s my recipe:

The Stuff:

3 cups peeled potatoes, sliced. I prefer Yukon Gold or Red potatoes.
4 tbsp of butter OR 4 strips of bacon … Keep reading »

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