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Cannot select or enter country while setting up a new Synology RT2600ac router

The Synology RT2600ac router is, in my opinion, very good. That said, there’s a chance you may encounter a show-stopping issue when setting up a new one. On the 2nd setup screen, you might see a field for Country. It looks like a drop down, but it has no options. Manually typing a country name doesn’t work, either.

Worry not. You don’t … Keep reading »

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Change default VNC/Remote-Management port in macOS

macOS uses VNC for remote management, and has a built-in server and viewer. (Turn on the server under System Preferences > Sharing and mash the checkbox for Screen Sharing.)

But if you’re here, you probably knew that already, and you want to change the default VNC port from 5900 to something else.

Get out your terminal:
sudo nano /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
Or use vim. Whatever. It’s your party. Your terminal party.

You’re … Keep reading »

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SparkPost: Dynamic subject lines in email templates

Moving to Mandrill to SparkPost this week? (A lot of us are thanks to this.)

In Mandrill (and possibly other transactional email services) we can use the API to send emails using templates. We send a bunch of information including recipients, content, metadata, and subject, ad we let ‘er fly. Boom, done.

For the most part, I’ve found SparkPost to be pretty similar, except on one point: subject lines. Specifically for … Keep reading »

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PHP: Convert US State names to their abbreviations and vice-versa

Sometimes you need to convert state names to their abbreviations. Sometimes you need to convert state abbreviations to their names.

Well, this function does both.

Give it a valid state abbreviation, and it’ll give you the name. Give it a name, and it’ll give you the abbreviation. (e.g. OR -> Oregon, Oregon -> OR). Enjoy! Hope it helps.

/* ———————————–
* Goes both ways. e.g.
* $name = ‘Orgegon’ … Keep reading »

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Is your Bootstrap X-Editable plugin stuck in 2015?

At least as of version 1.5.1, the awesome Vitalets Bootstrap X-Editable plugin has a maximum date for its datepickers of 2015. Why? I dunno. I just work here. But it’s a simple fix.

After you get things rolling by applying the plugin to whatever element, like so…
Change the default maximum year thusly:
$.fn.combodate.defaults.maxYear = 2531;
Or whatever year you want.

While you’re there, you could also change the minimum date to something … Keep reading »

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Disable iMessage Sign-in Sound

If you’re like me, you don’t love it when your Mac makes that sign-in sound every time you open the lid. (Assuming you use iMessage/Messages for any IM services.) Here’s how to disable it. (And only it.)

Make sure Messages is closed.
Go to your Applications folder.
Find and right-click it. Choose Show Package Contents.
Find the Resources folder.
Look for a file called Logged In.aiff.
Delete that mess.

Next time you open it, that sound … Keep reading »

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Prevent Creative Cloud from loading at startup [Mac]

If you’re like me (and I know I am) you don’t love having a bunch of unnecessary stuff loaded when you don’t need it. Like Adobe’s Creative Cloud thingy. It can drain your battery (not by a lot, but still) and clutter up your menu bar.

Also, according to the Little Snitch app, this thing is … Keep reading »

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Make an OSX install USB drive quick

Surprisingly, Apple has actually made this pretty easy. <aside>I’m enjoying the Tim Cook reign so far. But that’s a whole separate post.</aside> This works for Yosemite and El Capitan, and I’m assuming future versions too.

Make sure you have the installer downloaded from the app store. It will delete itself after you use it, but you can download it again.

Format an 8 GB flash drive and plug the thing in. Leaving … Keep reading »

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Flash/Pulse a Border Color With jQuery

Sometimes you want to draw a user’s attention to a certain input or element. One way to do that is to flash or pulse the element. But when you google this, most examples involve flashing the whole background, such as with jQuery UI’s highlight effect. But if you’re like me—as I definitely am— you might think that is a little much. Or maybe it just doesn’t fit well … Keep reading »

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Configure TP-LINK Archer C9 (or C7, C8) for access point mode

Some call it “bridge” mode. The point is you want your TP-LINK to play nice with another router from which your internet actually flows. Like if you have a fiber/DSL/psychic router you can’t replace because ISP reasons but you want some wifi that doesn’t totally suck. For example.

The reason this can be confusing with the Archer series is that many other routers have a setting like “AP mode” that you … Keep reading »

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