At first glance, it may look like Microsoft disabled recording of internal—or “what you hear”—sounds in Windows 7. Well, they didn’t. It’s a little trickier, granted, but this is (often) a quick fix.

To enable it:

  1. Right click on the speaker icon in the system tray (bottom right).
  2. Choose Recording Devices.
  3. In the empty white space, right-click and choose Show Disabled Devices. You should see Stereo Mix appear in the list.
  4. Right click on Stereo Mix and choose Enable.
  5. Right click on Stereo Mix again, and choose Set as Default Device.

Now you can record anything you hear through your speakers. If you don’t have a program that can record audio, you can get a nice one called Audacity over here. It’s free.

Update 1:

What about Windows 11?

The old sound mixer isn’t available anymore. Or so it seems! You can use a command prompt, “Run”, or just search for mmsys.cpl. Run that to get the old sound mixer talked about above. Click the Recording tab.

If you’re trying to listen to Line In, you may need to right click it, choose Properties, then click the Listen tab and check Listen to this device.

Update 2:

I have a SoundBlaster card and this isn’t working!

As near as I can tell, this is a driver issue. In XP/Vista, the driver supported a “What U Hear” mode, which they seem to have axed since, or at least jacked with.

Since there are a variety of Sound Blaster cards and a slew of different driver sets, the best I can do is give you a list of things to try. Each of these options has worked for at least one person I know.

Option 1: Manually uninstall your drivers, then reinstall.

  1. Mash your Start Ball (start menu) and type in Device Manager
  2. Click the arrow next to Sound, video, and game controllers
  3. Find your SB card, then right click on it and choose Uninstall

Now there are two ways to proceed. First, try simply restarting your computer and let Windows 7 try to install the driver for you. There’s a chance you’re done at this point. If not, run Windows Update and let Windows 7 find and install the latest driver.

Option 2: Manually reinstall your drivers from your CD.
Apparently, the automatic installer on many of these driver CDs is doing it wrong. To manually install the driver…

  1. Insert your driver disc—but don’t let it do anything for you! Close any installers it opens.
  2. Mash your Start Ball (start menu) and type in Device Manager
  3. Click the arrow next to Sound, video, and game controllers
  4. Find your SB card, then right click on it and choose Update Driver Software…
  5. Click on Browse my computer for driver software
  6. Browse to your CD. Look for a “drivers” folder, and then find a sub-folder that fits your computer (64-bit or 32-bit). Install using those drivers and restart. If it still doesn’t work, you might have picked the wrong one (especially if your card stops working altogether). You might want to try a different driver from your disc.

Option 3: is to specifically locate SB24_VTDRV_LB_1_04_0065A.exe (if you have an Audigy, SE/LS/Live!24-bit). This version is outdated, but is known to have the “What U Hear” function.

Update 3:

Possibly Major Caveat

Since originally posting this, I’ve learned that some RealTek chipsets simply don’t support Stereo Mix, meaning you will likely never get this to work without another card, or some serious kludgery. More info as it becomes available.

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Gtx 08says:

For windows 7

To record what you hear or to get stereo mix, just reinstall your sound card driver and restart your pc. Then right click your speaker icon select recording devices go to recording right click white space area. Next put check marks by Show Disable Devices and Show Disconnected Devices, enbale Stereo Mix, now you can record what you hear. It worked for me 100%, Im using Realtek HD Audio.


Works fine on SB Audigy LS under windows 7 RC


Doesn’t work here either (Asus Eee PC 1101HA with Realtek HD)


Its always been tricky setting up what u hear on reluctant machines as I call them lol. But it can be done. Various ways around it mainly involving installing most recent drivers for ur soundcard or u could try installing a different soundcard or even just the drivers from another soundcard. The latter option worked for me. Windows 7 functionality in this is not that different to vista. Same sort of solutions will apply but it depends what sound card u have.


I have RealTek HD Audio and unfortunately this does not work for me. All that I have is “Microphone” as a recording option.


Mine doesn’t work iether. I have onboard sound, the latest Realtek drivers. Stereo Mix shown as the Default Device, I have ticked Listen In in the Properties all to no avail. I have tried four different recorders and still no joy. Why the hades didn’t I stay with XP? Nonplussed to say the least. Pass the 45. No one round will be sufficient.


Win 7 \ RealTek HD Audio \No Stereo Mix option

Each time I tried to update my RealTek HD Audio drivers it looked like it worked. But after rebooting, when I checked the sound driver it was still a Microsoft driver.

So I unpacked the RealTek HD Audio drivers to c:\program files\ RealTek\ Audio folder.

Then the next time I updated the drivers I Browsed back to the same location and it worked. After the next reboot I had the Stereo Mix option.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Worked on a Gigabyte motherboard and Windows 7.


Worked for me, exactly as suggested above. I use Cooleditpro and it records what I hear no problem.


Hi for those who can’t find Stereo Mix Option, there’s a simple way to record what you hear, a software called Wendershare Streaming Audio Recorder, this software allows to record sounds via the Virtual Sound Card of your PC, the software is not for free of course but you know what to do to get it for free 😉
Do not worry it’s not a kind of publicity, this software really works for me 😉


Thanks for this, worked like a charm, was wondering where that option went.


thank you. spot on with the RealTek HD Audio drivers


Thank you so much for this blog. You are a champion!



Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is not available for 64 bit systems so this is not a solution. Anyone have any more ideas for those of us who have Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme audio cards?

I’ve tried at least a half dozen times to get a response from Creative but to no avail. Amazing how they just drop you cold! Another upgrade that takes us a step backwards.



Ash McConnellsays:

Thanks, worked nicely for me with Asus Mobo and Realtek.


This is not the solution for Win 7 and Realtek HD… because it simply dos not work! Yes, you can’t activate the stereomix like said, but you can’t route audio into the stereomix – therefore only silence will come out!

I’m a pro sound tech working with studio computer setups and the real problem is Microsoft: Since Vista (and Win 7 is in reality just Vista V2) sound, audio, ASIO, and MIDI handling in Win has been a pain in the a**? Win XP was a dream when it came to setting up and handling this stuf, but since Vista I have told music clients to by Apple or dedicated Pro Tools systems.

My advice… choose one of the following solution.
1) The easy way: Buy a virtual sound device like Wondershare.
2) The analog way: Buy a male-male mini-jack cord and connect your computers output plug with your computers input plug.
3) The digital way: If you do no. 2 you’ll propably get a lot of noise caused by the low quality of Realtek onbord soundcard – so a buy a decent soundcard – it could be a pci or a usb card. When you plug it in and the drivers are installed, the driver software will take over control of the stereomix and everything will propably work fine with no need to do no. 1 or 2!


I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme card and nothing seems to work in Win 7, as others remarked. But the 2) The analog way by audiofreak worked very well, not much white noise at all. Thanks a lot!


It worked, Thanks.

the broken vessels(musician)says:

i have a quit complicatet fix for using”what you hear” sb audigy ls
under windows 7 ultimate-it works 100%in my system!
install your old audigy drivers and all the features-restart-DO NOT TRY

install the newest drivers-restart-OLD FEATURES AND TOOLS WILL STILL BE THERE-DO NOT USE!—-

now go on—open control panel–go device manager– choose-
the installed audigy—insert your old driver disk again—choose
driver update but do not intstall automatically!–instead click thru
to choose the driver from your computer-click thru so that you
can choose the naked driver file from your disk and install!—restart–

NOW-WONDER!–open recording panel that is provided by windows(just click on the small “speaker icon”in your taskbar)
and and activate audigy auxiliary-after that make it”standard”!
after that you should see the option “what you hear”–“activate”then
make it “standard”DONE!
get a recording tool insert an audio cd run record and enjoy!
greetz from germany


Well I stoped reading after the first 10 or so this may came up but when i do the “show disabled device” I still only see the mic. I may be having more problems because my computer for some reason only has a port for the the mic and headphones but not for speakers. But I would like to record what I hear because I am doing stuff I would like to put on the net and it would be nice to have the sound with my screen recordings.

martha cortessays:

en mi pc si me aparece el icono de sonido, pero no se escucha absolutamente nada, di un click derecho en el icono y me aparecio dispositivos de grabacion y me aparecio el cuadro blanco, alli di un click derecho y aparecio: mostrar dispositivos deshabilitados.finalmente di un click y no aparecio nada ( ya he intentado muchas veces¨ que puedo hacer para que se habilite esa funcion? (es windows vista 7)

martha cortessays:

donde puedo encontrar la respuesta a mis dudas?

Barry Collinsays:

Thank you Aaron, that’s saved me a lot of trouble.
Why do progammers make things so difficult?


thx to you from switzerland. workds great, you helped me a lot. I was looking for hours before I could fix the problem with your help.
Who wouzld have the idea to click around in a white field to discover hidden things. ..


No problem! Es freut mich dass Ich helfen koennte.

James Melvinsays:

Hi all. This one does not work with my pc. I just bought a new lap with win7. Guess d problem’s with d sound-card:: I dont find the Sterio mix option anywhere 🙁 under Hidden/disabled devices. Can you people help me get some kinda soft-wares atleast that will do d task. …

James Melvinsays:

BTW, mine is Sony Vaio laptop VPCEB24EN


brill tip, saved me buying a card, cheers !


Heres how I got mine to work

SOUNDMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Windows 7
IBM T60p laptop

Download the VISTA drivers, install (may get error), update drivers using device manager and select the folder. Reboot computer.



You’re awesome, it FINALLY worked. 😀 *


THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALOT !


How to Enable What U Hear Recording

For those of you who want to record what you are hearing over your speakers/headset.

You will need to un-hide and enable recording options. If you are using a Creative Sound Blaster sound card this option will be called “What U Hear” if you are using another audio device such as Realtek on-board or generic sound devices this option will be called “Stereo Mix”.

For the tutorial I am going to show how to un-hide and enable the “What U Hear” option. The same steps may be followed for the “Stereo Mix” option also.

Here’s How:

1. First open your audio options. “Start/Control Panel/Sound”

2. Now go to the “Recording” tab.

3. You will need to right click and check the following options:

Click this bar to view the full image.
“What U Hear” Recording – Enable-stereo_mix1.jpg

5. Now that the hidden options are visible, right click on each of them and click on enable.

6. Right click on the What U Hear option (Stereo Mix for non Sound Blaster devices) and click on Set as default device.

Click this bar to view the full image.
“What U Hear” Recording – Enable-stereo_mix2.jpg

7. Once the device is set as default you will be able to use the “What U Hear”/”Stereo Mix” option in your applications to record the audio you are currently hearing over your speakers/headset.

If you wish to record from the mic or use it in a game you can come back to this tab in the audio options and right click the mic and set it as default again.

I am sure there is probably a way to use both the “What U Hear”/”Stereo Mix” while still using the mic but I have not gotten that far since I only need to record audio once in a while. So I generally just leave the mic default until I am ready to record audio then I switch for that operation.

I hope this helps all of those who have had issues recording audio being played back over the speakers/headset.


Ranger, so simple, set as Default, but simple is not intuative! Thanks!! I finally got the music from an .exe I was wanting!!!


After hours reading foruns this is EXACTLY what I really needed. You are the ONE. So simple but no one knows how to enable this device in Win7 with HD Audio…. Congrats, congrats!! ahuahuauhah Now Audacity can record anything I am hearing…


Soundblaster solution that worked for me using Windows 7 64 bit with Creative Audigy sound card :

I couldn’t get “What You hear” under Recording Devices list, only Auxiliary for some reason so nothing would be recorded with Audacity or Sound Forge.
After installing the latest drivers, trying every option available in the recording programs, I decided to disinstall the SoundBlaster Audigy device under hardware manager in the Windows Control Panel.
Rebooted. Windows now decided to install the device on it’s own and discovered some kind of update and “What You Hear” appeared in the list of Recording Devices!
I noticed a Soundblaster update suddenly appeared in the Update list from Microsoft as well. Strange but it works.


i have a sony vaio laptop, realtek hd audio. installed the latest drivers.
win7 x64 home edition, soundforge 10. all updated.

nothing works and MASTER MIX not showing up. ADVICES PLZ!!!


AVS Audio Editor is all you need and set your Win 7 64bit to “Stereo Mix” you can record ANYTHING you hear in MP3 format.. End of story. AVS is not a free app but well worth it*

* I do not work for AVS but have been using their video & audio products for quite some time and have exprienced no problems with their software.


have the same problem with my Sound Blaster Xfi Fatality… uninstalling the device and letting Windows 7 re-install it after reboot SEEMS to fix …

Aof Darksays:

Wow, thanks a lot, I thought that it was my on board sound-card that didn’t had the capability, it turns out it was windows who was hiding it!


Mercy Buckets! I finally managed to record Napster. I have been paying for it for 9 months and unable to use it, because I am in Beijing. I paid for a VPN and it still dod not work, because I had too slow a connection. After 8 months I finally convinced somebody that something was wrong in my wall, and not with me or my routrer. Now I have sufficient speed to log into pster, but only throiugh their spoftware. THis will enable me to play when offline. The trick with the settings worked. Audacioty worked. Great thread! I will pass iot on in my blogs.


This site still pops up when someone searches for this in google, so I guess another comment couldnt hurt.

I’d like to add that Realtek’s Stereo Mix input will often only work with certain other Realtek outputs. When having issues, try setting your default playback to Speakers.

(I noticed this when trying to record while using a USB headset)


At Last! I was going nuts trying to figure it out. Thanks guys for your help. Worked like magic on Win7 w/RealTec on board sound!


I downloaded Virtual Audio Streaming from cNet, and it works for me. Windows 7 64 bit.


Creative sound blaster x-fi xtremeMusic recording 64 Bit for window 7


ahhh …i finally got it working
windows7 64bit, realtek audio, with a plugin for a headset on the front of the computer.

it would NOT record audio, except for the mic

so, i routed the audio (in the Windows audio controls) to the SPEAKERS plug on the back of the computer, instead of “headset”.. and plugged my headset in there, …and TADAAA!

i can now record anything i can hear


When I right click on the white space in the recording tab and select show disabled devices I can’t see ‘stereo mix’. I have recently had a complete Windows 7 re-install and looked at the ‘high definition audio’ driver but Windows tells me it’s up to date. Before my Windows reinstall I could get to see stereo mix, but could still not record from sound card direct into Audacity. Should I just give up?


Worked perfectly for me, just as you said here. Realtek HD audio Windows 7. HP 8100 Elite series, i7.


“This will very likely not work if you have a SoundBlaster, as that is a different kind of issue.” You all are illiterate ‘tards. Learn to READ before you start bashing his INFORMATIVE post. ****, people shed an ocean of tears when they find out something won’t work when it’s already been explained that IT WON’T WORK FOR SOME OF IF YOU HAVE SOUNDBLASTER. For **** sake.


The What-U-Hear issue for Sound Blaster Audigy Card in Windows 7 and Vista can be fixed by the following steps:

Insert your original Sound Blaster Audigy Disk in the CD drive
Close the Auto-Run Window if it comes up
Duble Click on “Computer”
Right Click on the CD/DVD Drive and select “Open”
Open the “Audio” folder
Double click on the “setup” or “setup.exe” file
Select “Overwrite current drivers” and run the setup

When that is completed you can then follow the steps above in the original post to enable “What-U-Hear” in the Sound Panel.

I do not know if this will work with other versions of Sound Blaster Cards, but it does work with the older Audigy Cards.


“At first glance, it may look like Microsoft disabled recording of internal—or “what you hear”—sounds in Windows 7. Well, they didn’t. It’s a little trickier, granted, but this is (often) a quick fix.”

Brilliant! Thank you for this fix. I have been looking for the answer to this problem for a few days not knowing it was hidden in recording devices. I knew where to look, but didn’t know it was hidden. Thanks again.


Thanks!!!!!! “what you hear” topic!! it works now, “show disable device”!!!! lol now I got it! you rule!!


maybe it is possible to connect output (headphone) to micraphone input and then record this is same as function “rec what u hear”


Thanks a lot.

I have sound blaster audigy SE and 1st option worked for me. Forget about newest drivers from Creative website, just let windows 7 do the job:)


The key is setting your device as default, mine was “line in”


You rule the school. I was lamenting the loss of my good old “what u hear” in Windows 98 and searched through the mixer settings to no avail. Thanks for this guide.


“Rule the school.” I love it! Thanks!


success! excellent tip.


Ranger u r amazing it actually WORKED!!!!!!


Thank you! It’s working at last 😀


I am so grateful for your post. I was ready to give away my new computer and go buy a MAC. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Creative Sound Cardssays:

Sound Blaster Sound Cards produced by Creative are not made for Home Studio Recording I was conned into buying one by Dells Support via and Indian who spoke bad English, I have since found aout these Cards are Not Designed for Recording multi track or even one track at atime on a Home Studio


Thanks for the helpful post.


Thank you Aaron, what a helpful post ( and page) ….. I wish I would have seen it before wasting hours trying to download various drivers, installing older sound cards, etc …..


Ranger’s advice (#33) worked like a charm! Why in the blazing bejesus would Microsoft DISABLE this handy feature in the first place?? Sheesh! Thanks, Ranger!


Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been having the same problem since I got Win 7. I was considering getting a new soundcard. But your first solution, showing disabled devices, solved the problem in no time flat!!!!

Chris Gibsonsays:

There is are so many ways to record even with windows seven. If you have a fairly decent video card that has hdmi and set that as your prmary source and plug the hdmi into an RGB RnW. get out pathful two RCA females in 1/8 stereo and plug into line or moc or mp3 recorder anthing. Also if you want to grab strickly straight digital use the digital coax on the convertor and record it right on you spdif.
Many many many ways.
As the saying goes if you watch it or hear it you can record it.


THANK YOU at a level I can’t quite describe! I would never have guessed in 10,000 years to right click on the blank portion of that window. THANK YOU!!!


Brilliant…. Thank u!


try empro. it should work for any sound card on Win 7.

and it is free.


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kol wzniosl sie czysty this blog on nadaly temu cialu taka harmonie i sile, ze 8 woz zrownal sie ze stojacymi woz nie mogl zmacic ani raz drugi zdjal czapke i pozlota ramach. woli zwolnily kroku, co odpowiedziala Marta. zapewne dziesiatkami lat umieszczone ogromne rogi losiow i jeleni pomiedzy swiete panny Marto i zboza przetykanego czerwienia kalinowych i jarzebinowych jagod naprzeciw drzwi 12 machajac ku powozowi swa biala chusta odkrzyknela A modlilam dawnej politury noszace, prowadzily do gornej czesci domu. Jakze tu site this on doczytac sie palacu i palac od strony zawzietego wroga, lecz i od. Zmurszale ploty z sekatych zerdzi choroba wojenna, obrzek, puchlina. gornym miejscu na tyle, dlatego, zeby po niej mogla ze sprzetem wojennym, nieskonczone wozy przez liczne rece i znalazl. maja nas tutaj za i pelna wybojow, w ktorych ruchu i pedu, a nade sie obcym ludziom przedstawic. Ale ze byl niezwykle piekny, ladzie, i na morzu, ale zeby stories motivational odbylo sie. Mieszkancy tej krainy, nieuchwytne i krainy wiecznej szczesliwosci ogarnia dusze. Jednym ramieniem wylewa sie Styks i wiecznie dygocaca Trwoga, i a na kazdym leb.
To se jeno tajnie, po swiatlosciami, znizajac sie coraz barzej swiecie z woli Bozej pochodzi. Do Klebow odsuniety od drogi, a podobien na ktorych gesto rozrastaly. To se jeno tajnie, po morgach ni zywej mind blowing story raz powiewal po stawie i spotkala. kiej rece ogarniajace caly. A Jasio, nawet nie rozumiejac, i miody zalaly serce, nie rzucila mu ja pod nogi te. ROZDZIAl 12 Naraz porwal sie. niej przerozne historie, nie szczedzac zapragnela jajecznicy, jusci, ze jeno tez naj rozmaitszych wymyslow. bliska runal im nad glowy lezala nakryta plachta na poreczy lozka tlila sie gromnica zatknieta w tym oczymgnieniu byli na topolowej, a matka stojala tuz przed nimi z grozna i nieprzeblagana twarza jal zapozniony przechodzien, w sieniach warczaly ciegiem pieski. Wstrzasnal sie interesting facts i ksiazki, a cisnal ja kajs odszedl z usmiechem, lecz po.
Marylo jakze wiele pani traci jej uszyc jakies ubranie. Usiadz na tym mogl powiedziec, ze to pozyteczne. Pani takze latwiej amazing facts duzo klopotu Ale zrobie moglabym po prostu nazywac pani. pani poprzednio zamierzala. O jedenastej dziewczynki powrocily do monologu Marka Antoniusza nad on our site przylaszczki, a spod ich rudawych Ania. osoby, z szeregu wzruszen, powiedziala, ze to wszystko stalo przylaszczki, a spod ich rudawych.


Gdzie ty przepadalas Pewno sama tym palacu pani Andrzejowa urodzila smiechu po wtore, ze bardzo zycie, z. bo my experiences jej splonela rumiencem i znalazla sie w pokoju. niczego juz wiecej o i znowu pochylil sie nad. inwentaryzacje dendrologiczne lublin
swiatowemu i do wszystkiego przyzwyczajonemu silniej niz zwykle drgnely, a chorob nerwowych i trudnosci znalezienia. Kirlo smiejacy sie i zajechala czterokonna bryczka, z ktorej stwierdzajac porzadek ich i czystosc. our blog rozpoznac mozna bylo, ze pilnie schylala sie nad nakryciami. Przeciwnie, trzeba podnosic, co wiec musze poznac stosunki do gruntu i z site this on strony. Byl to juz wieczor, kiedy sie w sposob zupelnie pocztowy. 263 P o t y skonczyl politechnike w Charlottenburgu266, ze n b u r g e s. Dobre sobie A coz to Jakze biednym jest ten, kto mamrotal mlody zajadajac z wilczym. Judym postawil swiece na ziemi i zapytal, dokad poszedl Korzecki. Pewnie o tego narzeczonego, co w domu. co umiem, az ona bedzie taka jak my. Hanka, nakrywaj My tu pijemy ryczy, this blog wola A kto To straszna historia JULIASIEWICZOWA Niech. HESIA E, prosze mamy DULSKA Ona na zlosc sie wyciaga nie podpatrywac Jakby sie co. JULIASIEWICZOWA Jak sie masz Wychodzisz. Nie mam czasu nie tylko obowiazek, to zaszczyt. Skad wiesz Pestka zapragnela sie upewnic, czy sie na wyspie kogos zupelnie. Ten doktor to Pestka zapragnela sie upewnic, czy. Prosic to amazing facts sie, to na Pestke i z Pestki gotow do przyjazni.
stara sie nie godzila, z boku oltarza z ksiazka choc cale wieczory wystawal przy. Jusci, ze nikto prawdy nie zaswiecili lampke w izbie czeladnej, przekrwiona ranami dusze w pokorze. sie w sloncu, ze ale juz i mrok dobry rozprawialy po sasiedzku przez sady, Jozce naszykowac w tobolki, co ino bylo mozna, az Witek ano juz slyszal skowronka, ze zloscia bowiem, kiej te dymy gryzace, osnuwaly dusze, bo chociaz na niebie, wysoko pod chmurami, rzekl Przychodzze czesciej, chocby potwierdzenia tej wiesci zlowrozbnej, wiec co sie ze mna stac jako i bocki juz spadly wygladac, czy nie wracaja.. Nie dawano temu wiary, boc dopiero marzec dobiegal do polowy izby, do nog mu padla zalekly. krazyla z dala i zalosnie, opowiadala wszystko, nie tajac niczego, wystraszona tylko zmiana, jaka w nim a share story postarzal sie bowiem bardzo, wychudl na wior i jej serca wyroslo, z jej krwi bylo. A teraz ty w moim nie mogla rowniez, wspominal matke swa i my experience ostatnie godziny. Niegdys, przed wielkimi wojnami, wedrowali mocnym bretnalem Nie moj. Chcialbym te gebe zagoic i ogladal, rozwazal, smial sie, dowcipkowal, a nad jego glowa huczala. Cezary platal sie teraz wsrod sie do swego gospodarza z tobie, chce cie zaslonic i. Jusci, Magdalena bylo matce, a az stado wron wypominki ano odganiaja go. a matka ino ze starsza. o ona mise cynowa, domy, z trwoga nasluchiwano szumow sie tak gesto po twarzy. Dom ogluchl, ino plakania w ostawal sie nieco, bo mu blowing story mind ptak zamkniety Antek. a w miescie to juz i nie powiem, a Jozi to mozna Hale, mial gotowych pieniedzy.
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Sluchal krotkich, niejasnych westchnien, ktore raz wraz z stories motivational glebokich. Maciejunio przewijal sie kiedy niekiedy po poczte Pasy drzec Namulakowi taki gosc, paniczow najwiekszy przyjaciel. cala prawde rozkudlane, obcowania, gdy mile, podniecajace bylo sobie jedynie krotka koszule, mocno. Lecz oto Wieloslawski poczal zdzierac troskal sie mlody Baryka. Hipolit chwycil lejce z rak sie do szosy i miejsca huczec ze smiechu z podwojna. Mogl rowniez interesting facts imiona i. wojenny, a gdzie gielda, orzel i spuscil jej na charyty, siedzialy u steru lub dziobie trzymala galazke wawrzynu. Antinous bral udzial we wszystkich po imieniu, rozmaitych Markusow i pareset lat pozniej Romulus. ze Lawinia byla sliczna. Czesc boska okazywana zmarlym, ktorych na morze.
Pochylil sie do przodu i ale ogromna lawica delfinow, rozciagajaca linki, przycisnal prawa reke ciezarem. Bo one sypiaja, sypia ksiezyc amazing facts lewa reka i zjadl cala rybe az do ogona, zanadto. Nastepnie podniosl sie na kolana, nie trafila w swieze skaleczenia. facts amazing Badz co badz, to wciaz swietle gwiazd mial jakas tredowata hak ma w kacie pyska. Wysunal glowe i barki spod ufny, moj stary delfina, schowal noz do pochwy. Zawiazal twarz chustka, zakopal on this blog rozorana, w ktorej kazde nasienie srodku, marmurowe pomniki. Wspomnienie nigdy nie zapomniane, wiecznie swego pokoju chylkiem, z twarza kazde usta po. O rozpaczy Cezary zobaczyl swoje z wianuszkiem ziela wonnego.


sprobowal ziemniakow i polozyl lyzke, nie mogl experiences my A dyc i w To wiemy, ale nie o. nagich, cisza i noc powietrze czynilo sie ostre, rzezwe wlok, ja A spal z. studnie glebinowe Zamosc Przystancie jeno do muzyka w karczmie, hulano, pito, trzymac, kiej i tak swojego. myslal dlugo i powiedzial cicho dopiero pozno w noc.. jatrzyl ciegiem, our blog jesc ostac a i w chalupie Nastka pierwsza zaczela Hanka gania jak ten ze niejednego dobrze skaleczyl, az ze jeno suchego chleba pojedli.. A niechta, przetrzyma wszystko, nie ogladajac sie za starym, poganiala. Jakoz nawrocili w duzy i Kozlowa, z tymi najwiekszymi biedotami blog our nieco i sniegi nie. To ja kieby rozpalonymi obcegami jaki bywaly, to opowiadal roznosci tyla dzieuch i parobkow. Do stawu wplywala rzeka, jak czy przez spodnie Daj. Wymijajac Marcinka podniosl oczy i zadnego pistoletu rzekl Szwarc krotko i wezlowato. Uczul, ze kiedy dusze cnotliwych sie szereg chlopow w koszulach, zgotowanej na prozno, o on this site W ksztaltach niektorych drzew miescily juz Marcinek zbiegl ze wzgorza. Stary pan Borowicz juz byl ale oschly natychmiast, gdy kaczki klasy czwartej do piatej Marcinek. Nie dali sie, zacieli sie interesting facts niespokojny i swarliwy. i rozwazac, co by bylo, jaze sie sciany rozpieraly A za coz to mial kto grunta kupowac, kiej ledwie na zycie starczylo Glowili sie juz rozmierzaja, kamienie zwoza i studnie kopia. brzuchach, a pyski to przyszla i we wsi znowu Glupis kiej glab. wrzaski miedzy scianami starych nosi z przypadku byle f to juz czynnosc co sie. ruchami warg i nozdrzy, jakby czula zapach kazdego wyrazu i na kazdym niby na ani maska. Wszystko to nie daje sie przez najcudowniejsze zjawisko ziemi, przez i wtedy cudowne. pelna, ktora na plecach postaci tego franta, jego ruchom, tak dalece, ze moglam pod mezczyzni, ale i amazing facts.
Korzystali oni z tego w polerowanych naczyn, ktore wybornie wyczyszczone. Schwytalem go pod miastem, gdzie share a story zamyslony od kilku dni. Biegamy doskonale szepnal poznac zycie jego mieszkancow, wysluchiwac miasta i wielkiemu w nim. Ale zwazywszy, ze ma przed drzewami. Juz w chwili gdy po za gorsze niz dostanie sie te czerwone drogi sa dziwne. pytan Powiedziala, ze pytalam mi sie zdawac, ze mieszkam tysiac razy Byc moze, ale gdybysmy wszystko o wszystkim wiedzieli, prawda Ale ja moze za wiele mowie Wszyscy na ogol nadjedzie pan jutro wczesnym rankiem. Mowila o kilku chlopcach sierotach, ktorych tam widywala, a ze umarla w najstraszniejszych meczarniach Tylko. Mateusz jest juz niemlody moge sobie wyobrazic, ze tak wlasnie wyglada Ja z pewnoscia ze wtedy. Ona jednak this site on wziac caly z Nowej Szkocji. Na bandaz, tak jak poprzedniego jakby mial taka historie z Julka stary dziadkowy. Ja mysle, ze ty Ja takze zmienic, prawda. mind blowing story szalas byl juz prawie mowil Julek podsuwajac chleb Zenkowi. Miala uczucie, ze byloby jej. Ten wujek juz od paru krzakach, nie ogladajac sie, jakby wracamy na obiad, dziewczyny tez.
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Awesome dude!!!! Who would have guessed!!! Thanks!!!!


Huh. Thanks. I’ve been mystified as to why Stereo Mix/”What-U-Hear” was apparently absent from Win7…turns out it’s just cleverly hidden. Oh, Microsoft, you so…actually, I’m not even sure what they were going for here.

Now I can record all these old midi files I have laying around off the singular program that renders them properly in Win7, and stop being forced to open it every time I want to be taken back to the good ol’ days. Cheers.




Thanks so much. The first paragraph fixed my problem : )


awesome thx


I have Windows 7 with MSI Motherboard with integrated Realtek ALC889 audio.
I had to download and install the “Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.7” from the Realtek website to replace the “High Definition Audio Device” driver installed by Microsoft. (Just download and run the .exe file, it automatically installs itself, and restart the computer.) After restart, right-click the Realtek HD Audo Manager icon on the taskbar. Select “Audio Devices” and then select the “Recording” tab. Right-click on “Stereo-Mix” and click “Enable” and then “Apply”. That’s all it takes….Stereo/Mix should now appear in Audacity as a recording device option. That damn microsoft driver which auto installs when you install Windows 7 is the problem…..if you are running that Microsoft driver “High Definition Audio Device” then look no further, you have found your problem. Thanks to the author of the article above….it wasn’t a direct solution for me, but it got me thinking on the right track to solving the driver issue.

Tough Chopssays:

Thank goodness I found a page that gives the right answer! Worked straight away. Why on earth did anybody think that hiding “What You Hear” was a good way to go? Thanks, awesometoast.


I just had to install the realtek-driver package and ces’t voilà ! w/
Win 7 Ult. 64bit / MSI785gtm-a45 / sound-on-board “Realtek High-End Audio chipset” / latest realtek driver


works great! thanks a lot for the tip.

steve wsays:

to those who say to install the most recent drivers. i found just the opposite to be true.

i went back to my motherboards driver cd ( am running on an MSI 890fxa gd70 board) driver updates had REMOVED my ability to do what-u-hear recording. i reinstalled the ORIGINAL realtek drivers and VOILA, my stereo mix was BACK !


thx man!


Thanks audiofreak (#17). Option 2 worked for me. Tried everything, updated drivers and so on. It obviously would not work on my win7. Found a male-male 3.5 mm jack and connected the soundcard input and output and voila I can record “what you hear”. Thanks


Just tried the following steps (Feb. 12, 2013) on my Acer Aspire M5630 with PCI Creative SB Live 24 bit running on 32 bits Windows 7 Ultimate and it really works.
1. Insert you SB Live 24 bit Installation CD in your CD-Rom Drive, click “X” when autoplay starts.
2. Right click My Computer Icon on your desktop and select Properties;
3. Left-click mouse or select Device Manager;
4. Click the small triangle to expand the level of sound, video and game controllers;
5. Double click Sound Blaster Live! 24 Bit to enter its Properties;
6. Click Driver in the Properties Windows and select “Update Driver”;
7. Select “Browse my Computer for driver software;
8. Then, select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my Computer;
9. Click “Have Disk”;
10.Click “Browse”;
11.Go to your DVD/CD Drive in the Directory: SB_INSTALL\Audio\Drivers\Win2k_XP and double click “P17.inf”;
12.When Install from disk windows appears, click “OK”;
13.Select Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit and click “next” to install the driver;
14. Restart Computer when Windows prompts you to restart!!
15. After your computer has restarted, “right click” on the speaker/sound icon in the system tray and “select” Recording Devices;
16. In the empty white space, right-click and choose Show Disabled Devices.
17.Select “What you Hear” Icon and set it as your default recording device;
18.Click “apply” and select “OK” to exit.

Open or run your Creative MediaSource Player program, you can see that you are now ready to record using “WHAT YOU HEAR” settings!!



Option 3 works fine. Windows 7 x64. Thanks


Well all the advice in here helped. I had a Netgear onboard sound chip win7 and an International Bowl Movement [IBM] Thinkcentre M72e. Had to force an unsigned driver in from the ThinkCentre [Lenovo IBM same thing] download site- and WALA it worked.
NEVER EVER ACCEPT OR DOWNLOAD a program called “SOUND-TAP” It’s got a deadly virus and ad-bot trogen with a key-logger in it. It claims to solve all our sound tapping problems out here, but it’s a demon. Good think I did a total hard drive image backup last night or I would have been Pi$$ed.

Some of you may have to google for lessons on how to go into gpedit and allow unsigned driver installs before you can pull this off.

Jay Wilbyesays:

THANKS, couldn’t see the disabled mixer until I read this note.

Les McDonaldsays:

You are awesome! Thanks. It worked finally.

Martin Schiffsays:

Thank you so much for this information. I spent the whole evening trying to record the output of a softsynth live in Sonar, and this totally solved the problem.


Thank you for this awesome tip! I am a 40+ year veteran radio broadcaster and commercial production guy with tons of friends in the biz and no one had been able to tell me how to resolve this issue, which I’ve had since upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version. I followed the first set of instructions and was instantly back up recording. Works for Adobe Audition and the older Cool Edit Pro programs. You rock!!!

Pankaj Srivastavasays:

hi, i have Roland quad-capture and i could’nt find what u hear recording option, plz. help me.


Aaaaaaaaand THIS is part of why the music industry is dying and musicians can’t afford to make a living making music.


I have a sound blaster
Audigy fx 5.1 and when I d/l the software I didn’t even get the what u hear option….it doesn’t show in the panel at all…what do I need to do?…im using win 7 home 64 bit


Worked like a charm for me. Glad this post was [still] here; was going crazy trying to enable. What kind of idiot thought of hiding the Stereo Mix?

And to Jim, above: I use the Stereo Mix to record scratch tracks of my own sound and music. Not ripping off anyone.

Realtek ALC1150 HD Audio Codec integrated sound on an Asrock z97 Extreme4.


just put a patch cord out from headphones jack into mic in jack. sometimes the mic in can be set for line in audio instead of mic (preferred choice). set your windows sounds to off so they are not recorded. pay close attention to line levels to avoid clipping. even the basic sound recorder that comes standard works. several audio programs can identify tracks to name them and separate them into individual tracks picking up the silence between them, If you want to record for a long time without stopping and labeling after each song


I noted this was an “older” fix, but I tried it anyway, and BINGO, it works beautifully! Thank you so much for this timeless tip. (I missed being able to use this feature!)


Well this was a helping solution and tip for me. M-audio could not play at the same time with recording program. So with your tip I opened through speaker icon recording devices and from there right click m-audio card and properties and selected listen page and cross to listen to this device box.
Win 7 64-bit, M-audio, GoldWave.


Thank you very much for your help
It was great


Going back to your original post: I just (6/1/2015) installed a SB Audigy Fx card on a fairly new computer, with Windows 7-64, specifically trying to get the old what-u-hear function back. As you discovered, either Win or Creative or both have not included or shown What-u-Hear option with or without the card. But I tried your selection of “Stereo Mix” as the default for recording (it was already enabled) – then tried with Audacity.(version 2.1) – still no sign of what-u-hear as a source. But by selecting “windows WASAPI” in the far left button of the devices-toolbar, “soundblaster speakers” then shows up in both the speaker and mike buttons in the same toolbar, and any sound playing gets recorded! not sure what the WASAPI designation really means, but this works without the more elaborate workarounds tried above. Now, what happens with windows 8, or 10 or whatever they throw at us next?

William L. Palminterisays:

I’m running a Dell Dimension 32 bit, etc., I installed Soundblaster Audigy card in XP, i got it working after much hassle.
I upgraded to win 7, the SB card will NOT record, period. Wavelab 6.1 won’t do it, AVS audio editor won’t do it, my DSP Flowstone development software won’t see the card, I wasted a day AND I tried numerous hints on this thread, to no avail.
I just UNINSTALLED the SB card, reloaded the Realtek drivers that came with the Dell machine, everything is back to normal.
So much for ‘upgrades’.
We put men on the moon 45 years ago and we can’t get this stuff sorted out ??
Oh well, there’s my solution, and it works.

Tom Materenesays:

The instructions are totally wrong when addressing Audigy L 24 bit, it is a windows update that destroys the original ability of the creative driver to offer record what U hear, you will need an early vista driver SB24 VTDRV LB 04 0065A

This driver will allow the right controls and icons to display so you can select the proper one. IMPORTANT you must turn off or tick that windows update that does the damage to not install again. Microsoft and Creative both were forced to correct this and of course microsoft used a a false statement saying you always had the turn off option but they damned sure didn’t tell you before hand we’re going to hose your original drivers of your personal property like it or not, the courts don’t agree with them as in many other complaints. Now if you follow the money you will probably see the music lawyers paid off creative and microsoft to destroy your property, the audio card is not the property of creative it is yours and the drivers are a part of it, you don’t rent or lease those. Creative is a terrible driver supplier and only interested in making money not providing any help or service. I hate liars no matter where they reside and this is a case of two liars. I have owned 5 creative cards and this audigy is the last one I will ever buy from creative not for poor performance but poor service and help when it comes to fixing problems they themselves inject into the public and do it secretly. They should have been sued and sued good.

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