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Variables not setting in Windows batch file?

Windows batch files (.bat) can be scripted, which means you can do all sorts of things like setting variables. But if you’re having a hard time getting those variables to set, this might be why.
SET var=Holy crap, it sets the variable!
Will work fine, but…
SET var = Holy crap, the space screws it up!
… will not. If you’re used to putting spaces after equals signs like I am, you can make this mistake without even knowing it. If you do it … Keep reading »

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Using Sandbox always fails with PayPal IPN (PHP)

Warning: This post assumes you’re already familiar with IPN, and you’re just having trouble, well, troubleshooting it.

Okay, let’s say you’re setting yourself up with PayPal IPN. You’ve set up a PHP listener not unlike this one. You’re all set, right? Ready to test it out with PayPay’s IPN Simulator! Yeah!

Except it fails. It always fails. Why?

To try and figure it out, I set up a file named paypal.txt and told my listener to write … Keep reading »

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Access a mapped network drive from PHP (Windows)

So you want to do something on a mapped network drive using PHP, but it simply tells you it couldn’t find the drive? Worry not.
What’s going wrong?
The problem is that PHP runs under the SYSTEM account, and the SYSTEM account can’t access mapped drives.
The solution:
So, we need to map the drive from the SYSTEM account. You can do this from your PHP script, but if you need persistent access, we can do this:

1. Download the … Keep reading »

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Make MySQL’s UNIX_TIMESTAMP() work in PostgreSQL


Maybe you’re like me, and you’re migrating something from MySQL over to PostgreSQL. Maybe, like me, you’re swearing a great deal and experiencing high blood pressure, too.
(Or maybe not.)

I’ve seen numerous threads that just tell you how you can change all your code to use Postgres’s epoch_something_something_aint_nobody_got_time_fo_dat() function instead, but epic hero Janusz Slota has a better way. He shows you how to, rather easily, make it possible to run … Keep reading »

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iTunes 11 and 12: Enable track skipping with Repeat One turned on (OSX)

In iTunes 10, you could skip to the next/previous track when Repeat One was turned on. In 11 & 12, they assume that by “skip ahead”, you somehow mean “rewind this track”.

This really bothers some people.
Do not judge us, we have our reasons!

And here’s one way to fix it.

It took some work, but I finally came up with some AppleScript to handle this. Basically, we’re checking to … Keep reading »

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How to downgrade to iTunes 10.7 from iTunes 11 [OSX – Even Mavericks!*]

iTunes 11 is out, and most people seem to think it’s great. You and I are different, however. We hate it, and we have our reasons. (Mine happens to be the inability to skip tracks while Repeat One is on. Yup, deal-breaker for me. UPDATE: Fixed that!) So let’s make things right again.

First, you’ll need a backup of your … Keep reading »

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Setting up the Actiontec GT784WN for Qwest/CenturyLink

The Actiontec GT784WN is a pretty nice DSL modem/wireless N router. For most of you, it will work right out of the box — even auto-detecting all your settings.

If you’re on Qwest/CenturyLink, not so much. In fact, they’ll try to tell you that the modem isn’t even compatible. That isn’t quite true — it is compatible, it simply isn’t supported, meaning their customer service has no training for this model. And that’s okay!

But you got your Actiontec and you … Keep reading »

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Delete all hidden Mac junk files in Windows (Like .DS_STORE)

If you use a Mac and Windows together, you’re likely to end up with a bunch of hidden .DS_STORE files all over your Windows drives. You can easily search and destroy them all using this command:

(Open the command line first of course. You can do this by mashing Win + R, then typing “cmd”. Or just type “cmd” in the Start Menu search box.)
del /s /q /f /a .DS_STORE
That will find every instance of this Mac resource file and delete … Keep reading »

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Xfce4 Power Manager Icon Missing?

Recently, I installed Lubuntu 11.10 (a netbook-optimized version of Ubuntu) on my wife’s netbook at Lifehacker’s suggestion. And wow–did it make an incredible difference. It’s like a brand new machine compared to Windows 7 running on it, which was getting unbearably slow.

While Lubuntu will look and act pretty familiar to anyone born and raised on Windows, I wanted to make sure when I handed the netbook back to her, she was as comfortable as possible. That meant configuring, … Keep reading »

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Add spacers to your Mac’s dock

Update: This works all the way up to 10.10 Yosemite.

Ever wanted to have some more organization on your dock? I like to keep things separated more or less by group: everyday things, development tools, and apps that just happen to be open but aren’t permanent fixtures on my dock. I also like to keep my documents and folders separated from minimized things and the trash on the right side…. Keep reading »

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