If you’re like me, your Internet connection is your life — meaning it’s central to your work, education, and entertainment. The only problem with this situation is that it can be easy to get overwhelmed and not be able to keep track of anything anymore! In an effort to improve my online organization, I decided to give Springpad a try.

Springpad is billed as a personal assistant on the go that will help you become more organized and remember things. It has a Chrome browser extention, a web app, and an iPhone app. Also, it’s free (aways one of my favorite price points).

So, how does it work? Let’s say, like me, you find about a dozen interesting bits of stuff on the Internet that you don’t have time to get to right then. You can make bookmarks, but you probably won’t ever get to them. Or, you could use Springpad to save it. Then it’s not only automatically organized into a notebook or category (or you can organize it manually if you wish), it’s accessible from any browser, anywhere or on your phone. Nice.

I found it was pretty smart about organizing stuff for me. For example, for stores it gave me directions, price comparisons, and online links to alternatives without me even asking.

I’ve been using the iPhone app in moments of boredom to look up all the things I’ve saved and finally get around to reading/purchasing/reading/scheduling/and reading things I otherwise would have completely forgotten.

When signing up, you of course have to create a new account — but the good news is that you can link it up to your Google, Yahoo, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. Meaning you won’t have yet another username/password combination to forget. Over and over again.

Overall, I found the service pretty well polished. Smooth experiences all around. I’ll probably keep using it.

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I don’t mind the various logs on my roeutr, but my issue is that on my GT-704-WG modem, it seems that according to my system log it’s querying my ISP’s DNS server every 20 seconds or so. Any idea what’s causing that or how to stop the roeutr from querying the ISP DNS server every few seconds when nothing should be querying anything? My system log is full of DNS request time out messages even when no computers are querying anything on the internet. I’m also getting messages like the following: 56:37:06 Elapsed Time syslog: failed dns request len=71,srcip=, url= This seems to indicate that my roeutr’s trying to look up DNS for even LAN connected computers. So in summary, I still want the logs, but I don’t want my roeutr querying my ISP DNS server every 20 seconds, so what commands should I enter to make that happen? Thanks for anyone that may be able to help here.

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